Monday, June 21, 2010

Hong Kong High ♥

Reading my friends Dani and Pao's blog definitely inspired me to finally write about my super duper Hong Kong adventure last March. In fact, i am now wearing my "I ♥ HK" T-shirt just to get the full effect! Despite having been there several times before, this year's trip was something absolutely different because it was the first time I spent for a trip with my very own, hard-earned money! Everybody do a YAY dance with me! Haha!
My awesome travel buddies! College blockmates Steph, Java, Kingsley and Sha (taking the photo).
Hong Kong here we coooome!

Before leaving, i made myself a list of things-i-can't-forget-to-bring. It might help you too when you go and travel the world!
1. A carry-all bag that i can bring around everywhere... a.k.a. the only bag you will see me carrying in ALL my photos :))
Here with my very reliable, sturdy and roomy tote from Top Shop! It can fit everything!

2. A thick or thin jacket depending on the predicted weather in the place you are to go.... therefore, this calls for the actual FOLLOWING of the weather report posted online...something i stupidly did not do because i insisted it was going to be hot and therefore brought only a bunch of SHORTS and a LACE SWEATER in a 14 degree weather country. HAHA.
3. My Passport & Plane Ticket
4. A fully charged ipod
5..... etc. etc. etc. i'm sure everyone knows what they're supposed to bring on a travel adventure anyway! And besides, forgetting something only means that you have one more funny & crazy mishap to share when talking about your adventure in the future! :))

Time for my favorite part:



....Because really, when you're in Hong Kong, how can that not be the first thing you love? :)
Being on a budget however, allowed me to discover that you CAN get absolutely amazing meals even if you have very little money on hand. They say that tiny hole-in-the-wall and seemingly dirty restaurants are actually the yummiest ones to eat in! I'm a HUGE and LOVING fan of Chinese food so i savored every chance i got to taste what i could.

I also love FOOD REPUBLIC! It had the BEST choices of different Asian food, all in one place! (And yes, i ate and ENJOYED the rice meal very much. Haha!)

A part from trying all the local fare, it was also nice to check out some of the international food offerings that we tried in different places! From super healthy and high-end food courts at The Landmark (in Central), to really awesome soft-serve ice cream right along the road.


I wish i could give some "insider" report about cool places to find vintage pieces, but i can't. Because i really don't know. A few months before our trip, i was given the assignment of "Shop Lister" or finding "Shops to go to" in Hong Kong. Little did we know that once we landed, we just went wherever our hearts felt! Our goal was to go to affordable shops we knew we weren't going to find back home anytime soon. Thus the multiple trips to H&M, Cotton On, Muji, Uniqlo (My favorite!!!), and the really worth-it adventure to the far off City Gate Outlets in Tung Chung, where i found my beloved pair of leather booty wedges from I.T! ♥


Really. If our train operations in Manila ever get as close to the way the MTRs in Hong Kong are organized, then traveling all around would be no problem at all. You won't even realize how far you're going because (1) you're not sweating from the non-working airconditioning, (2) you don't have to transfer from train to train in the hot and humid outside air, (3) you don't have to wait in a terribly long cue just to get your ticket.

We love the fun ads lined along the walls (haha, adver majors here, sorry! we just had to notice.)

...and we love sleeping there too. (Can't help it after walking around all day!)


Such as....

Steph, my forever group mate throughout my entire college life! She was our plane ticket booker, hotel organizer, photographer and more. Being the smart travel that she is helped us go places and get great deals.

Kingsley, who we firmly believe went home with the MOST things and even skipped a day at Disney to finish his shopping...

Java, who conquered every store with me, rack by rack, and was game for any adventure too...

and Shabee, who made us laugh the entire trip, with his English speaking and random rants. :))

Yay to all the Yay moments ♥♥♥ see you again sooner than soon, Hong Kong!

*All photo credits to Java and Steph!

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  1. Yay, you posted! I love the IT outlet in Tung Chung! Can't wait for BKK!