Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hello & Goodbye, summer!

Yay to the super hot summer sun, Yay to flip-flops and beach trips and cousins coming over for a month. Yay to wearing light and bright colors, white everything, floral skirts and denim cut-offs, Yay to canvas tote bags, flying off to Palawan (my love), and my really AWESOME summer playlist! This was my first summer as a working girl.

I loved the mini-trips i took (and will still take), I loved surprise lunch visits by friends and family who don't have regular work hours and summer classes, I loved people's generally happy feelings everyday.

It's raining today - the first showers after a really long time! Although i'm going to miss the heat somehow, i'm actually welcoming the gloomy weather! I have my rainy day playlist already! :D