Friday, March 11, 2011

Things to come

Sharing with you some bits and pieces of a project that's almost in completion!

My mom has been baking since we were kids. She'd fatten us up with butter cakes, icing-licking from a wooden spoon, and tubs of brownies to take to school and share with friends. Although a lot of our relatives would buy from her and she would take on the occasional task of making a nice big wedding cake for some couples, she never really made any big effort to sell outside of our circle of relatives and friends. 

It took some convincing and a little push, but she's finally realized that it would really be a blessing to share her awesome (and i'm not just being biased here :P) home baked goods with everyone! I was happy to take on the task of being a pretend "food stylist" slash "food photographer" for the past 2 weekends, and i'm proud to say that it's coming along pretty well! (The only downside being the fact that you get fat from eating everything that you've finished shooting haha)

I'm beyond excited and really grateful to be able to get my creative juices flowing again. Praying we get that slot in a food market we've applied for! :)

Enjoy these tidbits!

Lexisafari :)


  1. Woooow!!! Finally!!! Tita should also be selling in Mercato ;) Nice photos Lex! :D Hi to tita for me :D

  2. nice photos! Time for you to switch careers! haha

  3. Thanks guys!! So excited to start next week!! :D See you there!