Monday, May 18, 2009

Ocean Adventures

Ever since i can remember, the water has been a big part of my life. From beach trips every summer to skin color that will very much vouch for that thought, my family and I are true sun-worshippers! That's why this summer we've taken on new ocean adventures and tried something besides the usual swimming by the beach... DIVING CLASSES! 

All I can say is that patience is a really big part of becoming certified. We spent several hours watching instructional videos and taking written tests, but the real fun came when it was time to learn it all first hand, thanks to our diving master, Tito Nands! 
(Photos: Setting up our equipment at the boat, Mara, E.G. and I during our Rita Island dive, Nemo, The big blue clam!)

Then came the real ocean dives. It really is true that everything underwater looks much prettier up close! We saw feather starfishes that we've never seen on the surface or near the shore, stonefishes and crocodile fishes... giant clams and Nemo too! Can't wait for our next dive! :D
Diving love! :D

Back in Manila, we took on another ocean adventure and paid a visit to the all new Manila Ocean Park. Although it isn't as big and as filled as the one in Hong Kong, I think it's a great way to start to sharing our very own underwater world in the Philippines! 

Scary looking stonefish is absolutely NO FUN when accidentally stepped on!
Fierce stingrays!
The cool tunnel with a stingray as big as me!
VERY Deceiving "fish spa" which i thought would be a relaxing experience! You dip your feet in a pool of tiny sucker fishes that eat away your foot's dead skin cells! Unfortunately, only E.G. survived it because Mara, mom and I couldn't take the fish sucking. Haha! Must try it again next time when I'm braver! ;D

A lot of construction was still being done when we visited, so I'm sure it will be a lot nicer within the next few months! They're even putting up a hotel inside! It should be really cool. Plus, there was an area that showed how we can better save our planet, especially our marine life! Let's all do our part and save the earth! 

(Polka-dot Onesie: Had it sewn, Belt & Bag: Vintage, Turquoise Bangle: Mango, Necklace: SM)

And that ends my ocean adventures for now! :D Looking forward to lots more in the future! Yay!

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