Sunday, March 14, 2010

When I Grow Up

As kids, our minds are a lot more open-minded, and our dreams for ourselves are a gazillion times more imaginative. I'd like to believe that I never really grew out of wishing and hoping that one day I'd get to be (or "experience being") some of the things I've always wanted to be or do. After almost 10 months since I shared my last adventure, I really believe it's time to share a new one: My Crazy When I Grow Up Adventures.

I easily get inspired by things around me - people, TV shows, characters, places, experiences and so much more! I wrote down all those random jobs in an old notebook of mine and couldn't stop laughing at some of the things I listed!


I was so engrossed with CSI that Santa even gave me a detective kit one Christmas filled with test tubes, a fingerprint duster, magnifying lenses and a list of cool kiddie detective projects to do at home!

At one point in time, I truly believed that Felicity Shagwell was the coolest spy on earth. She wore cute outfits, high heels and got to save the world doing it at the same time!

The moment I boarded that Tram for the first time in 2001, I was hooked! I remember listening to every single word our tour guide said as she toured us around the backlots of Universal Studios and showed us all the cool sets! I found myself rehearsing my memorized lines on the way back to our hotel that day. "To your left... To your right...."

"Hola! Hi I'm Brooke Burke. Welcome to Wild On Ibiza!"...or something like that! I just can't remember why, of all the travel shows on television, I really enjoyed watching Brooke Burke travel around the world to see and experience all the fun places and not just stick to museum tours and historical sites!

Watching her Puerto Rico concert a really really, really long time ago made me want to get up on stage and dance behind her! She was sooo awesome that I wondered what it would be like to get up in all of those fun costumes and perform my heart out alongside a celebrity! :O

The thrill you get from performing for a whole lot of people, getting dressed in super crazy and fancy costumes, walking and dancing for miles, and making a lot of children happy is definitely a dream come true. Disney seemed like such a great environment to be in everyday that at some point I wish I were the one dancing on the streets!

But of course there had to be something greater than just performing on the streets... I also secretly wanted to BE THE STAR!!! Hahaha Now there's a real THRILL! Being in front of thousands of people, singing and dancing is definitely amazing. Disney is closest to my heart because it makes so many little kids happy!

...The book that started it all! I picked it up one day in Barnes & Noble because I was so inspired by the cute handwriting and all the colorful illustrations that it got me making my own versions of it for so many different projects! I absolutely loved (and still do very much!) Marissa Moss's fun and very creative writing style.

......... and so much more! I'll be sure to share more of them in my next entries. :)
10 Months ago I had no idea what I was going to be doing right now. All my options were open and the job possibilities were endless! Now I'm getting more stable with every month that passes by, and the reality that I'm in the 'Real World' (as parents always say) is really sinking in. It's just crazy how I'm supposed to be "all grown up" right now and all the "when i grow up" wishes are supposed to stop, but there's just so much more to do, be and see in the world, that my "When I Grow Up" adventures will never really end! I loved it when Natasha Bedingfield sang:

Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten

ABSOLUTELY TRUE! :D I'm filled with so much excitement about the future, which is why i strongly felt the need to FINALLY add something to this blog. I really hope that it won't be long again till my next one! :D

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