Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Don't need no fancy dance studio

The last time I came here, Jay, Lagy, Kev and I walked past the Plaza on the way home and saw a big group of teenagers practicing a cheerleading routine. When we gave it a closer look, we noticed a small group of break dancers who were showing really incredible skills! Right then and there I was inspired and amazed at the extent of the street dance culture in our country today. 

For the past 3 days that we've been here, my brother and I have been visiting the same plaza every night, hoping to catch a glimpse of the dancers during rehearsals, and so far, they have not disappointed us! Today however, was quite monumental for us because we finally got up the courage to get down into the pit and ask them questions that we've been so curious about. 

(Lots of cool and dangerous techniques! They even told me about the difference of Powermoves and Style nowadays and how important Style is when making bboy combinations during battles! So true!)

Just like back home, there are apparently a lot of dance competitions out here too! In fact, we'll be able to catch 2 of them this weekend, one ABDC style, and one purely 3-on-3 breakdance battle style! Yay! :D They love watching videos on Youtube too, and despite the lack of any formal and hands-on training here, they learn just as well on their own! I sooo admire their passion for dancing because the fact that there are NO dance studios here doesn't stop them from learning some more! They gather at the plaza every night and stay till 4am rehearsing and battling each other for fun, no matter if the floor is so dangerously made out of cement and that any fall could seriously cause them bad injuries. 

(Seeing more of the street culture here! L-R: People chilling in the plaza at night and watching all the amazing performances, just like us! Really good skateboarders try tricks on the benches, and BMX bikers working it on the ramp!)

I was happy to share what the dance community was like in Manila, talk about the group that I'm part of and was humbled when he mentioned that they join competitions so that they could actually travel to Manila and try competing there! I realized how we can sometimes take advantage of the facilities we have back home and how amazing it is to get the chance to be trained by some of the best instructors in the country. Some people only dream about it! :O

He shared that one day, the first person to make it big will fulfill their dream of putting up the first dance studio with a high ceiling here so they could perfect their stunts! I'll be sure to include that in my prayers from now on! :D 

Ahh... inspiration always comes when you least expect it to! 

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