Saturday, March 20, 2010

I ♥ Macau

(photo credits to Java and Steph! )

Although half a day is too short to experience Macau in it's entirety, we were still able to see how beautiful it was. We took an hour long ferry from Hong Kong, hired a rental van that included a tour of the place, which had it's last stop at The Venetian.

The church was beautiful. We even witnessed a wedding photoshoot happening because there were lots of models in wedding gowns, men in suits, make-up artists, stylists and photographers. We did our own "shoot" on the side too. We also visited the ruins and tasted some amazing street food! If you ever find yourself there, do try their curry balls!

The Venetian was awesome! All the details of its construction... the stores, the faux river in the center, and the food... THE FOOD! :) Madeira Portugese Restaurant is an absolute must-try!!! We were lucky to have a Filipina waitress serve us so she was able to recommend the best dishes in the house. The short ribs, the chorizo, the Portugese chicken... super worth it. :D

We took the last ferry back to Hong Kong and said our Macau goodbyes. :D We're definitely coming back one day to stay for a much longer time.

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