Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Summer So Far

In my quest to be productive, I....

... finally brought my friends to one of the places I call home, just like I always dreamt! 

(Palawan trip with Lagy, Rj and Kevin)

...performed for the last time as an active member of LSDC-Street during our year-end recital, Revive!

(Pictures care of Adrian Gonzales! For more, log onto http://corinthians13.multiply.com)

... got to catch up with my fellow "unemployed" blockmates at our mini reunion
(Gotta love Steph's rockband!)

... went back to Palawan a second time, but now with my group of friends since High School!
(Days and nights filled with games, walks around the island, playing with the starfishes and sea urchins, roasting marshmallows on the bonfire, and of course, learning a dance or two! Sorry, i bit choreography from Gino's Shake Your Pom Pom routine! I like it too much! Haha)

... helped my friends hold a garage sale and spent an afternoon playing dress up!

(Photos care of http://littlemissdressup.com. The two little misses are my blog inspirations!)

... and most recently attended my cousin's first show as a swimsuit designer.

(Love the first model! Congratulations, nix!)

Right now it's back to Palawan with my family, and we've got lots of adventures lined up ahead! :D I've been missing our cousins back in Manila though, what with our movie all-nighters and late night takeouts, and random swimming days at home with different groups of people! But there's a whole summer ahead with lots more things to do and explore! Hoorah!

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  1. grabe your summer.. :D at least your being productive even though we're still unemployed.. haayy.. let's pray pray pray for the right job for us Lexer!! miss you!!